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Measuring screw threads in the vertical position?

OVEE spring type over the wire thread measuring gages and thread milling are made for each other. Our gages nestle securely in the threads and stay put leaving your hands free to accurately measure the pitch diameter. Even better, we have internal over the wire gages. No more sneaking up on your final size with pass after pass. Just measure, adjust your program or offset and run.

Need to check for wear on your plug thread gages?

OVEE spring type over the wire thread measuring gauges will easily assist in detecting wear. The first 1-3 threads of your plug gages will typically bear the brunt of use. Check them for wear by measuring the pitch diameter using our In-House Plug Gage Calibration Gages. OVEE-USA thread gauges can be used to measure pitch diameter for internal and external threads. Even vertical threads and all without having to hold the wires OVEE-USA Internal and external thread measuring gauges make the three-wire method easy, quick and efficient.